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Rental Agreement:              
At the time of reservation for the requested date and time there will be a $200.00 credit card deposit. This deposit
is refundable outside of Thirty (30) days and non-refundable inside of twenty nine (29) days of the reservation
date. The balance of the payment is due Two (2) weeks before the reservation date, the balance is
nonrefundable Seven (7) days before reservation date and can be paid in the form of credit card, cashiers check
or money order. We do not accept personal checks.
There will be a 15% gratuity charge added to the total of the
Time starts when the bus arrives at the specified location for the reserved time. It ends when the last
passenger has been dropped off at the final destination. Any additional time over the reserved time will be
charged by the hour to the credit card on file. Client will pay all parking fees. The liability of any damages incurred
to the bus by the client or his or her guest is the responsibility of the client. You must be over 21 years of age or
older to make a reservation with BON TEMPS EXPRESS, LLC. It is the Client's responsibility to collect a copy of
the receipt/invoice directly form the driver at the end of the ride. Refusal to comply with terms and conditions could
result in reservation cancellation. The Client assumes all financial obligation payment with regard to incurred
I/we acknowledge that the obligation of the BON TEMPS EXPRESS, LLC. is limited to the safe transportation of its
passengers to their desired destination. I/we agree to remain within the vehicle at all times while in motion and
may exit when the driver has parked in an area he/she has deemed safe. I understand that I am responsible for
my own and the action of my guests and damages that my occur. No person shall do anything to interfere with the
safe operation of the bus, or the safety of the driver, or the other passengers. The driver reserves the right to expel
anyone not adhering to these guidelines. I/we understand that smoking is NOT permitted in the BON TEMPS
EXPRESS  BUS and in the event that there is excessive liquid spillage (alcohol, mixers, beverages and bio hazard
waste) there will be a clean up fee of $200.00 charged to the clients credit card. Should the driver believe that a
passenger is a danger to himself, others, the safe operation of the bus, or has committed an illegal act while in
the vehicle, BON TEMPS EXPRESS, LLC  reserves the right to:  Refuse admittance to any one or more
passengers or immediately terminate service to any one or more passengers. If for any reason the BON TEMPS
EXPRESS BUS may have mechanical trouble, BON TEMPS EXPRESS LLC  agrees to make up any lost time at the
end of the run or at a later date. I/we agree that I/we shall not be entitled to any refund of any amounts paid to BON
TEMPS EXPRESS arising out of any limitation or termination of service caused by the action of any passenger.
I/we agree to adhere to all conditions set forth in this agreement.
We DO NOT condone and we
are NOT responsible for under
age drinking.